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Welcome to the Explorers of the World  Web site!

Welcome to the Explorers of The World Web site. I am a teacher at a small school in Michigan and this site is designed mainly for the 4th and 5th grade students of my school. I will focus primarily on the Early Explorers we study.
This idea originated from a graduate class I  took at MSU. The assignment was to select a web site to redesign for various reasons.
To use my site click on the Explorers  link at the side of the page, then click on the explorer you would like more information about. If this doesn't work for you there are navigation links at the side, top and bottom of most screens.




Favorite Explorer Links

If you click to this site you will have access to many other sites full of information.

Visit my school

I teach in a small community where I grew up.  I am very fortunate to have this opportunity and enjoy what I do every day. Feel free to visit my school


Visit My Classroom

My classroom is my home away from home.  I spend a great deal of time researching and preparing for my kids.  Take a look inside my room at the classroom photos page or view a power point on differentiated instruction. Be sure to read my philosophy of educating our youth.


Software You May Need for This Site

To listen to some of the experts speak for different explorers you need to download the most recent version of real player. You can do this for free at the following site.


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