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Video Clips of Early Explorers

The clips found here have been downloaded from www.unitedstreaming .com.  My district subscribes to this site which allows us to download videos for educational purposes.  I am putting some of them here on the site because I have found that it helps certain students retain the information better if they can see and hear the information rather than just read the information from the screen. 

I would definitely recommend to all teachers and districts to subscribe to this site, it is well worth the money. Teachers, this site also includes lesson plans that you can download or print to go along with the video clips. 

Click on a name below to watch a short video.  This could take some time to download and if your computer does not have speakers you will not be able to hear anything.  You also need windows media player or something similar to view the video clips. Some computers will not be able to do this operation.

If the video stops in the middle of playing it is because it streaming. Either wait until it begins again or sometimes clicking the pause then play button will start it back up.


Christopher Columbus                                                    Spanish Explorers                                        The Vikings of North America

Ferdinand Magellan                                                         Portuguese Explorers                                  Lewis and Clark           

Jacques Cartier & John Cabot                                        Hernando De Soto                                       Amerigo Vespucci

Prince Henry The Navigator                                            Juan Ponce De Leon




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