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About The Site
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Welcome to the Explorers Web Site!

Welcome to the Explorers of The World Web site. I am a teacher at a small school in Michigan and this site is designed mainly for the 4th and 5th grade students of my school. I will focus primarily on the Early Explorers we study.

This idea originated from a graduate class I  took at MSU and has grown from there.  Since the beginning of the unit, we have expanded the number of explorers we give an option to explore, but I have not added them to the site yet.  They will soon be coming.

* Please note that the information you find here has been gathered through many lessons taught, surfing the internet and my own research, however like any good educator if I have come across things I have found useful, I have incorporated it into this site.  This is not to say I am trying to steal anybody's "thunder", it is only saying you have great ideas.  On that note I have tried to link back to any site I have borrowed something from to give that creator credit.  

Please use the site and email me if there are mistakes or corrections to be made.


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